THE BATTLE OF THE RESCUER Genesis 37 : 3-10; Genesis 45:35; Exodus. 1:22; Matthew 1 : 18-21

Battle is of two ways: 1 Physical 2. Spiritual. * It is very sad that a power stop you from fulfilling your destiny. AS A RESCUER SOME POINTS YOU NEED TO KNOW. When the rescuer does not manifest, destiny will suffer. When the rescuer does not manifest, danger will take over When the rescuer does not manifest, the family or group of person will be forgotten. When the rescuer does not manifest, the weak will advantage over the strong. When the rescuer does not manifest, great men will continue to remain in the valley of death. When the rescuer does not manifest,the journey to eternal life will become as looser. SOME OF THE BATTLE TO FIGHT AS A RESCUER 1. Household battle 2. Against Conspirator 3. Against the strong man 4. Against the flesh 5. Against the evil authority. 6 .Against vision and dream killer 7. Against ant- prophetic power 8. Against forces against bareness. 9. Against infant killer 10. Against inherited problems. THE WAY OUT 1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

Prayer Points

Power that want to terminate my destiny, die in Jesus' name. Every Delilah programmed to pull down my Samson, be destroyed in Jesus' name. Inherited battle programmed to demote me, die in Jesus' name By power in the blood Jesus i repossess my destiny in Jesus' name. Ho, God my father move me from the valley of nothing to Mountain of fulfilment. Ho, God my father connect me to great men, in the Jesus' name