Stop Worrying, and Start Living Ecclesisaties 9:4

No  matter your situations no matter your condiitions it is still only God that can help you

Facts about Life
1 Life Is A Battle You Must Fight
2 Life Is A Challenge Overcome It
3 Life Is A Solvent
4 Life Is A Confrontation
5 Life Is A  Bitter Pill
6 Life Is An Ocean
7 Life Is A Game Make Sure You Play It Well
8 Life Is A Discovery
9 Life is A Research    
10 Life Is An Opportunity
11 Life Is A Chance
12 Life Is Full Of Pains You Need To Endure It
13 Life Is Pleasant You Have To Salc
14 Life Is Good, Enjoy It
15 Life Is Mystery You Have To Unraven The Mystery
16 Life Is Ugly
17 Life Is Uncertain You Have To Be Unguide
18 Life Is A Temptation
19 Life Sometimes Is Lonely
20 Life Is Beautiful Embrace It

Worrying is living a shadow life
worrying is not giving what you want

What to Do
1) Let God be your source
2) No matter your condition make sure you sleep more than thinking
3) Do your best and leave the best for God
4 Do want you have not done before God and fellow man
5) Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of faith

Prayer Points

1. Powers assigned to kill me before my time die in the name of Jesus.. 2. Every thing that needs to die for my life to move forward what are you waiting for die 3. Oh God of ElIiah Change my story by fire