Abundance In the Midst of Scarcity Deut. 28:1 - 5, Eph. 3:20

Abundance is an overflowing and immeasurable supply. It is to have plenty, sufficient wealth and all materials needed

Scarcity is to have deficiency, inadequacy, lack and shortage of something. It is to enter into penury and to be in want.

1. Willingness, obedience and action is the secret that will lead you to abundance.
2. The power of God is the power that worketh in us and it gives us the enablement to possess our inheritance.
3. God can prepare a table in the presence of your enemies and cause you to shine and overflow in His blessings.
4. The devil does not have a free gift.
5. When there is no scarcity, you cannot value the abundance you receive from God.
6. Seeking God and His presence always brings everlasting riches, peace and joy.
7. When you are at the right location, you get your right allocation.

Things that Bring Scarcity

1. Sometimes, scarcity can come from God. He can make you pass through the wilderness in order to make you and strengthen you.
2. Wrong location.
3. Lack of foresight.

What to do

1. Give yourself to God.
2. Seek God on daily basis.
3. Know your vision and mission.
4. Discover your talent and use it.
5. Be at the right location.

Prayer Points

1. Any power, that is afflicting my destiny, you are a liar, die, in the name of Jesus.

2. Any power, that say I will not flow in abundance die, in the name of Jesus.