continue from the Lecture: 10. Spiritual Violence Revelation 12 : 7 -12; Ephesian 6 : 10 -18 ; Mark. 3 : 27 ; Matthew 11 : 12.


1. The first thing you need to know is that spiritual warfare is not done by the arm of flesh but by the strength of God. Zechariah. 4 : 6

2. There must be total reliance on the power of God to save and deliver completely and permanently.

3. Put your total trust in God Psalm. 125 : 1-2

4. Know and believe completely that the battle of your life is God's because He promised to fight for you and hold your peace.

5. To win you must see God in the midst of the battles and have the peace of God.

6. Never lose faith or say negative things no matter how fierce the battle goes.

7. Put on the whole armour of God which are:

      a. Truth

      b. Breastplate of righteousness

      c. Preach the gospel of peace.

      d. Shield of faith

      e. Helmet of salvation i.e you must be sure of your salvation; before engaging in spiritual warfare. Ask yourself; are you born again? Or you are faking it?

       g. Pray all manner of prayers e.g warfare prayer, enquiry prayer, reporting prayer, confrontation prayer, judgemental prayer e.t.c

       h. Watch or expecting the anwer with every alertness you can gather.

8. To exercise spiritual violence successfully, study to know your enemy e.g (a) Know his strength i.e. his strongest weapon. (b) Know also his weakness.

9.  To resist with spiritual violence examine yourself thoroughly whether you are still standing in the Lord Jesus. Luke. 14 : 31-32

10. Never allow fear of the enemy to capture your mind. Fear will render all your spiritual weapon powerless in the presence of the enemy. Isaiah. 43 : 5


1. All born again children of God that believe in the redemptive work on the cross.. Colosian 1 : 13-14

2. Must be somebody who is keeping himself/herself unpolluted in dealing with affairs of this world.

3. The courageous that believes in the efficacy of the blood of the lamb. Revelation. 21 : 11.

4. Must be baptised in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in correct unadulterated tongues. Act 1 :8

5. Must be trained in spiritual warfare with words of the scrpiture. 2 Samuel 22 ; 35 . This implies learning warfare scriptures and training yourself.

6. When you notice that your divine inheritance has been hijacked by the enemy, you are qualified to engage in spiritual violence to re-possess it.

7. The wounded people of God. Deuteronomy 2 : 24.

8. People that believe in the promised land that they must enter.

9. People that want to restore order and preserve the sanctity of heaven o earth; to dispel darkness. Isaiah. 60 : 2.

10. Anyone that believes in the ministry of reconciliation through confrontation to deliver and free the captives from captors is qualified. Isaiah 49 : 24 - 26

CONCLUSION: In a nut-shell, in this aggressive and murderous world, where onslaught of satan is the order of the day. Spiritual violence is the only language that can combat this madness and restore what belongs to you. This is a clarion call to all saints of God in this end time, to wake up and exercise our spiritual authority to save and deliver our world. I pray, you will not be the victim  of satanic incursion in Jesus name.



Prayer Points

1. I invoke the mighty power in the blood of Jesus against all evils around my life, in the name of Jesus.

2. Holy Ghost fire, destroy every power planning untimely death for me , in the name of Jesus.